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Sa-rang-ha-neun eun-dong-ah

Oto moja miłość / Sa-rang-ha-neun eun-dong-ah
7.6 212 329
  • Kategoria: Melodramat
  • Rok: 2015
  • Kraj produkcji: Korea Poludniowa
Top actor Ji Eun-ho hires ghostwriter Seo Jung-eun to write his autobiography. Eun-ho is tense, irritable and difficult to work with, but Jung-eun finds her assignment fascinating because Eun-ho claims he began acting not because he wanted to become a star but because he thought being in the limelight would help him find his first love, Ji Eun-dong. Eun-ho and Eun-dong's complicated romantic history has spanned two decades, and he's convinced that he can never love anyone else. As Jung-eun helps him remember Eun-dong and why he lost her, Eun-ho (whose birth name is Hyun Soo) looks back on his memories of her, from when he met when he was seventeen.

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